Lavender Amethyst Crystal Calming Candle Herbal Infused Ritual 8oz Soy Candle

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Nothing relives stress and calms like Lavender and combined with the healing properties of Amethyst this candle is perfect for creating a sacred, peaceful space. Relax and enjoy - our candle is handpoured with love, positive energy and attention, from 8oz of natural soy wax, free of any toxins and comes in a beautiful black tin. Our candles are made fresh and in small batches for quality.

We only use premium phthalate free fragrance oils. Scented in the Lavender of your choosing for your perfect atmospheric experience for relaxing, meditating, bathing or whatever. Tumbled amethyst crystal chips are meticulously placed in the candle along with fresh lavender flowers for a gorgeous magical candle experience.

Perfect for gifting as well, we will be happy to place a personal message on the top of the lid of the candle. With proper wick and candle care - this candle will be strong smelling and long lasting. Please free to message me with any questions.